Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Howdy Girl

My first job out of school was at an advertising agency in downtown Austin. I started as an intern in my final year of school and they hired me to stay. I loved the work I did there but I wanted more responsibility and to be an account executive. My first job title was "Howdy Girl" and I hated it. I would rather have been called "Jr. Assistant" but no, my boss thought it was cute.  Anyways, I have been writing down my thoughts for a new novel in more of a Chick-Lit genre from my experiences there. I have the basic premise down and have been fleshing out the first few scenes but as I think over what I've written, it sounds more of a romance than Chick-Lit. I need to develop it more to see if I can make it humorous but I may not be a humor writer. I love reading books that make me laugh and I love comedies but I'm not sure if that will translate into writing well in this area.  I'm going to keep trying and maybe it will just be a romance, but I like the story as I'm taking notes.

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