Isabelle Joshua

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Sale of The Swallow!

Not sure if you have sunny weather and spring blooms where you are, but here in Texas the Bluebonnets are out.  I wanted to showcase those gorgeous spring flowers while promoting the Spring Sale of The Swallow.

2017 Reader Views Literary Award Winner in the Romance category

Monday, March 20, 2017

2nd Place Winner and Sale of The Swallow

So this morning, I got the email about what place The Swallow received in the Reader Views 2016-2017 Literary Awards.

Below is what I saw and if it had been after 10 a.m. and my first cup of coffee I would have squealed in delight.

But it occurred at 7:25 a.m. so the delight and squealing sounded off inside my head and I said to my three children getting ready for school, "Mommy's book won 2nd place."  Which I got "Oh, good.  Can we go now?" in response.

Now I am more awake, and the smile hasn't left my face.

So I'm running a sale on The Swallow starting March 22nd (Wed) for $.99 for the Kindle ebook.
Then March 25th it raises to $1.99.
Then on March 29th goes back to $3.99.

Purchase it here.

I hope you love it as much as they did!



Saturday, March 11, 2017

Reader Views Literature Award Finalist: The Swallow


Back in July 2016, I entered The Swallow into its first contest ever. Actually, I've never entered a contest for my writing before this because The Swallow is my debut novel.
Then yesterday, I opened my email and saw that Reader Views had picked all the finalists for each category. I clicked and scrolled wishing to see my book but figuring that I would get to the bottom and not see it.
Until I got to ROMANCE:

Words cannot express my shock and excitement!  My family kept asking me why I was freaking out!  I'm so delighted by this news, and despite all the positive reviews and encouragement from my readers, this is another step towards feeling like a legit author!
So now I have to wait two weeks to know if I've won 1st, 2nd, or Honorable mention.  And I will gladly say, "it was just an honor to be nominated" as they do at the Oscars, despite totally wanting to win, but I will still be happy with any place!
Check out the review that made it all possible:
Want to read the book for yourself, buy it here:
Read a sample: