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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Case in point.
Now I admit that I am not always diligent about editing and reading over my posts on here or FB before submitting them.  Usually, it is after I hit submit that I read it.  But this happens to me all the time on my phone when I text or submit posts or reviews, the DAMN auto-correct.

I just caught one that I wrote:  all tied up  =  amputated when auto-corrected

And I have a decent sized phone screen, but if I am typing a long message, which I tend to do, it is a b*tch to scroll up and reread it.  Only when it is posted will it show up in one box that fills the screen. I know auto-correct can lead to funny texts as demonstrated by the many memes dedicated to it, but I hate it. I like the auto-suggest feature so if I am starting to type "fri"  the option Friday friend  fries pop up, and I can quickly choose.  But if I have typed my damn word out already why in the hell is the auto-correct changing it.

I've looked through my phone settings, and there isn't a way to change it.  Well, no way I can tell that it can be changed. So I must remind myself to double check everything I type and send so I don't mess up.  Yeah right, like that's gonna happen.  So please forgive if you've ever come across a weird word that is so out of place in one of my posts, I blame auto-correct. But please feel free to comment with the offending word if you like.

Is there a technology that you hate?

No matter how much I hate auto-correct there is one I hate even more: Group Text

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