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Friday, June 10, 2016

Reading slump

Have you ever experienced a reading slump? I am in one right now. Because of my personal obligations, I can't be reading every day like I normally do and it won't let up until August. But when I have read a book it's just been okay or "eh" and I want to fall in love with a book. I've tried some authors that I loved in the past and the current books just wasn't as great. I know that this happens but if you read my reviews there have been like five books in a row that I gave a 3-star to and that's a low score for me. That means I got through it, and it was okay. If I can't get through it which happens on occasion, I'll give it a one or two stars and I'll rant about why I didn't like it. So I've had to go back and re-read some of my favorite books to get through this reading slump.

I also have times of a writing slump when I just don't want to write, or I am bored with the story, usually because I want it to be done. I get somewhat impatient with writing, and I speed through and write lots for a week or two then don't touch it again for a few more weeks.

Right now, I just feel blah because I'm not able to do what I want but rather have to finish some obligations that take almost all of my time.  The obligations are taxing, and I don't feel good about the situation, but they must be done. So I must get back to it as I've spent the last few minutes writing this on an unscheduled break.

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