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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


All of my children have had to attend speech in school. They inherited their mother and father's poor childhood speech delays. Currently, my four-year-old (is absolutely adorable by the way) makes many incorrect speech pronunciations. My favorite is "I'm just killing mommy." I repeat it back to her "killing," and she shakes her head, "No, mommy I said kid-DDing."

I correct her at times but others I let go because I love it. I love the mistakes, the mispronounciation of words, the way an adult phrase sounds coming out her little sweet mouth. She astounds me with the little sayings and things she says. I know I'm gushing because she's my last. She will be the last child of mine that I can reveille in the "lup, mommy" instead of "yup."  I make video recordings of her and my others when they comply so I can capture their cute innocence while it lasts.

She is also a chatty Cathy; this little girl talks to everyone and nonstop. I spend most days with her all day while the other kids are in grade school, so I do my best to engage but many times I find myself asking her, "Can you play the quiet game?" (with herself) and she gladly responds, "Yes, mommy I'll be a sneaky ninja." She kills me with her cuteness. My husband jokes that I'm partial, but I know I'm not, it is just that she's the last, and she's at that adorable age of four that all of my children went through, and you just want to eat them up because they're precious.

I just came across a video of my older daughter that is now six-years-old. In the video, she was four. She is just as adorable as my current four-year-old. She was telling me about why she doesn't like to sweat and get yucky. It is also so fitting that my youngest was talking in the background nonstop even then and eventually started yelling because I wasn't paying attention to her as I was filming my older daughter. Not much has changed...

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