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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TV Review: Homeland Season 6 Episode 2: The Man in the Basement

That is the question I wanted Carrie to answer!  She did in her emotions and nonverbal communications, but I wanted more. I've loved Quinn from the first time he stabbed Brody in the hand.  Actually before then, but you get it.  
My heart has broken watching Quinn struggle, struggle, and struggle because he doesn't want to live. But yet just like Carrie I want him to, I want him to work and make progress so he can find happiness with her. And take a bath, please. Because you look too damn good to be smelly.
Remember him?  I do, and I want a little of him back, I know he won't go back to the badass MF that always protects Carrie but yet quietly takes all the risks with his body and heart.
I was very glad to see Max back, but I am wondering if his anger or hard feelings since Season 3 when Fara was killed towards Carrie will resurface.
And the rest of the show was good.  At first, I never suspected Carrie was advising Madam President-Elect and was thrown when Saul asked her.  Evidently, I'm not CIA material.  I still believed her but thought that was too suspicious to be ignored after watching five seasons of Homeland.
I'm not sure what's going on with the terrorist suspect Carrie and the lawyer are assisting.  Though it is interesting because he wants to fall on the cloak of Free Speech, but long before whatever law that FBI guy is using against him, speech that incites others to violence is NOT protected under the First Amendment.  So even if he was just telling other people on his video to go rob stores or kill their neighbor, or whatever it is not protected speech.  There is other non-protected speech as well but just wanted to give a little insight that I have with my legal education.
I am having a hard time with watching it this season for the mere fact that I have to watch each week for the new episode.  The other seasons I binged watched and couldn't get enough.  I can't wait to see what happens and my heart is holding out for Quinn to get out of his deep depression.  Maybe some meds for that??

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