Friday, February 12, 2016

Spent all day updating my Author profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon. All this work will pay off when the release of my new book comes out.  The Swallow is Coming Soon!

My Bio:

Isabelle Joshua started writing because she couldn't get to sleep one night and her mind was stuck on an idea. She spent all nights writing the first scene in her head and continued. Through the encouragement of friends and family, she wrote her first novel in three weeks while in law school. She is a mother of five children and has been married for over 12 years. She lives in Texas and enjoys her air conditioner while sitting in front of her laptop creating stories, researching ideas, or getting sidetracked by funny videos.

She loves romance and interesting characters. She's been an avid reader since childhood. Her characters are witty and complex, they love intensely, and most of the time steam up the windows with their heat. She loves a good story that captures a reader and doesn't let go. She hopes to create stories that capture her readers as well.


I'm ending the day with a nice family dinner and a peek at The Swallow's male lead, Alex Reed.

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