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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reviews of THE SWALLOW

Advanced Reader's comments:
"While Isabelle Joshua is a new author to me, The Swallow, was a delightful, refreshing and passionate novel, which weaved us through spy intrigue, lies, deceit, and intimacy of immediate and lasting love with unexpected twists. Isabelle has a real gift to encourage the reader to continue reading with vivid descriptions of places, physical appearances, and feelings of sorrow, frustrations, and deep love. This is quite an achievement for a new author and one who I will be following in the future."

"I loved the story and the characters. You had me swooning over Alex and sympathizing with Kathryn. It was an exciting story and you pulled me in right away.... It was a thrilling rollercoaster ride - a great balance of thrills, humor, romance, and drama. I can't believe this is your first novel! There were times I was like, 'oh wait, I'm reading Isabelle's story and not a book I downloaded from Amazon!"
"I thought this was a great book. Nice, quick read. I enjoyed the characters and the way the author told a very interesting love story mixed with intrigue. Very good read and I recommend it." See Goodreads Review.
"I really liked it! I thought your dialogue was especially good (very witty and fun). And what's more is I wanted to know what happened next."

"Suspenseful, intriguing love story."

"Loved it." and gave five stars on Goodreads.

"Just finished it and loved it."
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