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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Reader Views Literature Award Finalist: The Swallow


Back in July 2016, I entered The Swallow into its first contest ever. Actually, I've never entered a contest for my writing before this because The Swallow is my debut novel.
Then yesterday, I opened my email and saw that Reader Views had picked all the finalists for each category. I clicked and scrolled wishing to see my book but figuring that I would get to the bottom and not see it.
Until I got to ROMANCE:

Words cannot express my shock and excitement!  My family kept asking me why I was freaking out!  I'm so delighted by this news, and despite all the positive reviews and encouragement from my readers, this is another step towards feeling like a legit author!
So now I have to wait two weeks to know if I've won 1st, 2nd, or Honorable mention.  And I will gladly say, "it was just an honor to be nominated" as they do at the Oscars, despite totally wanting to win, but I will still be happy with any place!
Check out the review that made it all possible:
Want to read the book for yourself, buy it here:
Read a sample:

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