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Monday, March 20, 2017

2nd Place Winner and Sale of The Swallow

So this morning, I got the email about what place The Swallow received in the Reader Views 2016-2017 Literary Awards.

Below is what I saw and if it had been after 10 a.m. and my first cup of coffee I would have squealed in delight.

But it occurred at 7:25 a.m. so the delight and squealing sounded off inside my head and I said to my three children getting ready for school, "Mommy's book won 2nd place."  Which I got "Oh, good.  Can we go now?" in response.

Now I am more awake, and the smile hasn't left my face.

So I'm running a sale on The Swallow starting March 22nd (Wed) for $.99 for the Kindle ebook.
Then March 25th it raises to $1.99.
Then on March 29th goes back to $3.99.

Purchase it here.

I hope you love it as much as they did!



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