Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Great Coffee!

Up until a few days ago, I would brew up some Folgers or Maxwell House in my Keurig (my fav Christmas present) and then dump almost 4 tsp of sugar, and a healthy pour of Hazelnut flavored non-dairy creamer. And it was delicious, but all that sugar isn't helping my waistline, and neither is my love of food for that matter, but I thought there might be a better way.  I considered learning to like the taste of bitter coffee just like I learned to enjoy the taste of drip coffee over 4 years ago when I stopped working and knew I couldn't afford Starbucks regularly anymore.

Then I was invited to a local coffee shop, Gather to talk with a group of great women, and it was there that I ordered the house coffee.  The service was eh, but it was a relatively new place, and I suffered the wait, but then when my coffee came, we were moving tables, and so I scrambled to pour in the half and half provided and only grabbed 2 packets of sugar.  I figured I could get up and get more in a few minutes.  I doctored it up and took a drink and was shocked at how much I loved it, just like that.  And it was a lot more than my normal 10 oz for a cup of coffee, it had to have been almost 15 oz because of the large cup size.  But that would normally mean I would have to add even more than 4 tsp of sugar to get the right taste.  But not this time.

I left there that night thinking maybe there was an alternative to drinking bitter coffee for the rest of my days or shoveling sugar into my java.

So I made a call to the coffee shop a few days later and then made a trip to buy a small package of freshly ground coffee that had no preservatives (oil) for about $15 (yikes).  But I thought if it meant I would have better tasting coffee without all the extra sugar, then it would be worth it.

And now I am on my fourth day of drinking this heavenly sent coffee that I barely need 1 tsp sugar and a dash of creamer.  I just even tried it with just the creamer and it tasted wonderful. I am a changed woman (hopefully my waistline will change as well, but miracles don't happen everyday!).

For those coffee lovers in the area (Ft. Worth), it is locally roasted.  And you can buy online as well, I am drinking La Pastoria, and the link to buy:   http://www.avocacoffee.com/shop/la-pastoria/

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