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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It started with a memory....

of a book, well, actually a scene of a noble girl in a garden bumping into a prince or some other royalty. I remember reading it, and I didn't recall more than that and what the story was.  Which isn't common for me, as I can recall so many of the books I've read.

So I scoured mGoodreadsds, Amazon, and Kindle for clues and history about a book I may have read.  After much searching, I found Queen Song by Victoria Aveyard. I'd read it back in September of 2016, and I don't know why I didn't continue, but I began again. And I recalled the story of Lady Corianne and the Prince of Calore.  And the meeting in the garden after she escapes from Elara.

That began the sweeping obsession I had while reading The Red Queen after finishing the other novella, Steel Scars.  (Cruel Crown has both novellas in one book.)

This started Friday, and I have not slept a whole night or ate properly since because just like Mavin is consumed with Mare, I was consumed with this series.

I highly recommend all 5 books, but be prepared that the last book, which I just finished King's Cage isn't the end.  It was crushing, and I will have to wait. Because obviously, I can't.

This isn't my official review, but run out and read these books.

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